Nearson Enterprise Corp was founded in July 1989, supply Aerospace and Mil-Spec products, including Electronics, Electrical engineering, High-frequency/microwave, components and special materials for satellites, aircraft, missiles, radar and shipboard use.

Nearson is not only the agents of the world's leading group of high-tech products, such as: API、AXON、CUSTOM、DIAMOND、MOOG、SOURIAU、SUNBANK ... ... but also has R&D design antenna capacity and provide planning for system integration. 



Nearson Enterprise Corporation, was established in 1989 by Nicole Wu, is a major supplier of Military specification component and system provider services. 


Nearson USA office namedNearson Hi-Tech Servicefounded in December of 1990 by Joseph Chiao, and separated Independently in 1995, rename "Nearson Inc."


Nearson major in some missile and Radar system integrated for Military in Taiwan.


Nearson has many efforts in GPS system for personal security Anti-thief Navigation, provide GPS  Communication technological solution in successfully to police department to find out and catch criminals many times.


Nearson invest in Connector manufactory.


Nearson promote New Generation Rotary joint Roll-Ring to improve Radar system.


Nearson invest in compound polymer material manufactory.


Nearson invest in system integration business company. 


Nearson get many SI project and long-term services contract s for system maintenance.

2014 Nearson invest the system integration company become a RFID leading system integrator in Taiwan.


Trademark significance

Nearson's trademark consists of a regular triangle, a cross, two Greek alphabet α and ω compose; the regular triangle represents all the relationship among God and human being and all things should be connected closely and equally.

NEARSON LOGOThe cross in the center means Christ is Lord, His salvation must be bear in mind always; α, ω, are the first and the last of the Greek alphabet's A and Z, on behalf of "from the beginning to the end", everything must adhere to the spirit of faith.

All things with loyalty in mind, fully honor equal treatment of customers and suppliers, efforts for the growth of customers and suppliers, Do the best development responsibility for the state and society.